Our Assurance of Quality

The Miller Electrical Contractors, Inc. QA Program uses a graded approach in the application of QA Requirements. The graded approach provides a flexible, efficient, and effective means of controlling items and activities to ensure that the required quality is achieved and is commensurate with the importance and risk of the activities. The importance assigned to an item or activity will determine the QA Programs requirement level assigned to that item or activity.

Application of the graded approach will be based on customer requirements. These criteria are intended to be guidelines for determining the QA level for items and activities and are not to be considered all-inclusive or limiting.

Function Responsibilities & Authorities

The Project Manager has the full responsibility to conduct field operations. He has the full support of the Miller’s Corporate Offices and may call upon the full resources from other Miller’s projects to fill any requirements or help in resolution of technical issues.

The Project Superintendent is fully responsible for on-site management of his personnel along with any lower tier subcontractors. All subcontractors shall work in accordance with Miller’s performance standards and its QAP. Miller’s field personnel will ensure that the work performed by subcontractors is:

  • Strictly under Miller’s Management (Project Superintendent)
  • Coordinated with other ongoing activities (Site Superintendents and Project Manager)
  • Performed safely and in accordance with safe work plans (Environmental, Health and Safety and Quality plans)
  • Performed to contract requirements (QA Representative)

Additional Roles & Responsibilities

The OPERATIONS MANAGER reports to the President of Miller Electrical Contractors, Inc. and will provide direct oversight of the contract.

The PROJECT MANAGER The Project Manager reports to the Miller’s Operations Manager and is responsible for overall project performance, quality, safety, and environmental compliance. The Miller’s Project Manager has sole authority for all cost/schedule impacts or changes related to lower-tier subcontractors.

He will be involved in project oversight, inspection, coordination, review of subcontractor activities, and provide direct interface with customer project staff and contracting officers. He will be responsible and accountable for the following:

  • Primary point of contact the for customer representative
  • Overall responsibility and management accountability for project performance, safety, environmental compliance and the well-being of project employees, including subcontractors
  • Ensures project is completed to the customer’s requirements as well as consistent with cost, schedule, and contractual requirements
  • Organizes project staffing, coordinates overall operations, and directs /delegates project team members and subcontractors
  • Plans, schedules, and monitors project-related activities

The PROJECT SUPERINTENDENT reports to the Miller Project Manager and interfaces with the customer representative on a daily basis for coordination of on-going work permits, and work sites control. He is the focal point for all direct-hire and lower-tier subcontractor fieldwork. He is responsible for and has the authority to perform the following quality related activities:

  • Organizes, directs, supervises, and coordinates construction activities
  • Work procedures, scheduling, cost control, project specification conformity, establishment of manpower levels, monitoring and implementation of safety programs, project conformance to the customer specifications/codes, and the maintenance of accurate records
  • Requisitions tools, materials, and equipment in accordance with established procedures with adequate lead times
  • Prepares and reviews plans, specifications, drawings, and schedules to determine work phases and priorities
  • Inspects field work to evaluate construction progress, efficiency of operation

The QUALITY ASSURANCE MANAGER (QAM) or his designee, will be responsible for compliance with the customer and Miller’s QA Programs providing contract QA oversight. The QAM reports to the Miller President the designee reports to the QAM. The following outlines the Project QA responsibilities:

  • Develops and maintains QAPP (as required) and associated program documents
  • Plans and directs activities concerned with the development, application and maintenance of quality standards
  • Develops/initiates methods and procedures for inspection, testing, and evaluation
  • Performs assessments and surveillance of the project activities as necessary
  • Performs ad hoc inspections to ensure compliance with the project quality standards
  • Provides quality related input to project manager and the customer project personnel