Our Safety Policy

Safety is a number one priority for Miller Electrical Contracting. We maintain the highest standards when it comes to safe working conditions and methods. Our employees are subject to routine drug and alcohol testing. Miller Electrical Contractors strives to meet or exceed all OSHA, NEC, and NFPA requirements.

Safety Goals & Responsibilities

On each Miller Electrical Contractors, Inc. job site, the project supervisor and/or safety manager will be accountable to the Safety Director, for the successful achievement of Company safety and loss-control goals. Miller Electrical Contractors, Inc.’s safety and loss-control goals are:

  • The overall protection of each employee, subcontractor, and visitor, from serious or fatal injuries.
  • To provide supervisors and employees with the training, equipment, and resources necessary for the prevention of job-site accidents.
  • To provide the resources and equipment necessary in the event an accident should occur.
  • The prevention of fires, vehicle accidents, or property damage losses.
  • To provide resources necessary to enhance subcontractor safety on Miller Electrical Contractors, Inc. job sites.
  • To provide on-going training to all Miller Electrical Contractors, Inc. employees on company safety goals and objectives.

Management Responsibilities For Safety Compliance

The Safety Director at Miller Electrical Contractors, Inc. is responsible for implementing Miller Electrical Contractors, Inc.’s Safety & Health Program, and delegates the authority to assist with its implementation to the safety managers, project managers and/or supervisors.

The project manager is the primary individual who will oversee the company’s safe operations on each jobsite. He/she is authorized as a competent person for the company and may delegate responsibilities to other company employees for successful implementation and maintenance of the Program. Project managers, supervisors and such employees designated as safety manager, are qualified by their experience and training and have the Safety Director’s authority to respond to the company’s safety needs.

This Safety & Health Program is reviewed with employees when hired, upon Program revision, and when employee behavior indicates a need for review. The Safety & Health Program is critiqued on an annual basis or whenever deemed appropriate by the President of the company and/or his designees. In addition, should a revision to the OSHA standards affect any content within the Program, it will be reviewed to ensure the integrity of the Program is not compromised.

This Safety & Health Program is developed and implemented without regard to race, religion, ethnic background, gender, ability or age, and it governs the safe work activities of Miller Electrical Contractors, Inc. Employers performing work by contract agreement for Miller Electrical Contractors, Inc. will equal or exceed the requirements of this Plan.

Senior Management Responsibilities

  • Provide direction, motivation, and accountability to ensure an active safety and loss-control program for all Company construction projects.
  • Provide office and field administration safety and loss-control activities in keeping with the Company's safety goals and objectives.
  • Establish an adequate project budget to fund the safety and loss-control programs.
  • Establish annual Company safety goals and objectives to be achieved by all levels of management and supervision.
  • As part of performance evaluations, hold the project managers and supervisors accountable for the success or failure in achieving specific project safety performance and insurance cost-control goals.
  • Assist the projects in the formulation of Company site-specific safety and loss-control programs.
  • Ensure that each member of the project supervisory team has a good working knowledge of all client, governmental, and Company safety and loss-control requirements.
  • Periodically take part in employee safety toolbox talks and supervisory training programs.
  • Establish the incentive and disciplinary actions necessary to encourage a well-functioning safety program.

Project Manager Responsibilities

  • Review the physical site of the project prior to construction for unusual or unanticipated safety exposures.
  • Complete the pre-construction checklist prior to start of construction on each project.
  • Identify competent persons for all essential subcontractors and submit the Miller Electrical Contractors, Inc. Competent Person list to the supervisor prior to start of construction.
  • Ensure all projects have safety resources and materials as required.
  • Provide management support and leadership for project safety & health when on the site. Set the example.
  • Include safety in all jobsite meetings.
  • Conduct a tour of each project and complete the Project Manager Safety Inspection during each visit.
  • Ensure that project supervisor weekly safety inspections, training and reporting are done and documented.
  • Ensure project supervisor and contractors are complying with Miller Electrical Contractors, Inc. safety requirements and OSHA standards.
  • Notify the Safety Director immediately of any safety related problems, job site injuries, or OSHA inspections.

Project Supervisor/Safety Managers Responsibility

  • Ensure compliance with all Miller Electrical Contractors, Inc. and OSHA safety requirements contained in Miller’s HSE manual.
  • Notify subcontractors of non-compliance to safety requirements (in writing) using the Miller Electrical Contractors, Inc. Notification of Safety Violation form.
  • Require each subcontractor to identify and maintain all “competent persons” on site. A competent person as defined by OSHA is: “One who is capable of identifying existing and predictable hazards in the workplace or surroundings that are unsanitary or dangerous to employees and has the authority to take prompt corrective action”. Each subcontractor is required to execute the “Competent Person” form, and the form shall be kept at the jobsite at all times.
  • Look for safety problems at all times and initiate corrective actions as necessary.
  • Conduct weekly site inspections using the Miller Electrical Contractors, Inc. “Weekly Safety Inspection Report” and forward to the corporate office with a copy kept on site.
  • Obtain from each subcontractor a Material Safety Data Sheet for each chemical to be used on site. Place each MSDS in the binder provided by. Miller Electrical Contractors, Inc.
  • Conduct weekly toolbox safety meetings for all jobsite employees using the Miller Electrical Contractors, Inc. “Weekly Safety Meeting Form” and forward to the corporate office with a copy kept on site.
  • Ensure that each job site has the necessary safety equipment and materials as listed on the Jobsite Start-up Check sheet.
  • Notify the Safety Director, the HR/WC Manager and your project manager by phone, as soon as possible, in the event of any serious accident or OSHA inspection.

Subcontractor Responsibilities

Miller Electrical Contractors, Inc. expects that its subcontractors will have established their own safety and health programs. Each subcontractor is responsible for the safety of his or her employees on each Miller Electrical Contractors, Inc. project. Each subcontractor is expected to:

  • Comply with the applicable federal and state OSHA regulations.
  • Provide and identify for Miller Electrical Contractors, Inc. “competent persons” (as defined by OSHA) for each area of work required to have a competent person.
  • Supply Miller Electrical Contractors, Inc. with a copy of the subcontractor's company safety program and material safety data sheets (MSDS) for materials used on Miller Electrical Contractors, Inc. projects.
  • Report immediately all accidents, injuries, and fatalities that have occurred on the project to the Miller Electrical Contractors, Inc. supervisor.
  • Supply the proper personal protective equipment and any other necessary safety equipment to his or her employees and ensure their use.
  • Provide adequate and effective training to their field employees on proper safety practices.
  • Report all unsafe conditions to the Miller Electrical Contractors, Inc. supervisor.
  • Notify the Miller Electrical Contractors, Inc. supervisor immediately in the event of an OSHA inspection.