Miller’s success in the construction healthcare market can be attributed to our specialized training, education programs, and experience.


Miller has successfully delivered multiple substation projects over the 20 years. Miller has constructed both Greenfield and Brownfield substations up to 500kV stations for a variety of different applications including Transmission/Distribution stations, AC/DC Converter Stations, SVC Substations, Switching Stations, Capacitor Stations, and more.

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Miller specializes in the design, supply, installation, jointing, inspection, maintenance & testing of Medium Voltage, High Voltage, and Extra High Voltage Underground Cables up to 400kV. Our cable jointers have been factory trained and specialize in Fluid Filled & XLPE cables.

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  • Pfisterer Connex Sizes 1-6 (24 to 245kV)

  • EHV Cable Laying and Jointing

  • Fluid-filled joints & terminations, de-gassing, system topping up, leak repairs, pipefitting/oil lines, sampling, RGP testing, alarm gauge testing

  • Cable freezing techniques

  • Copper brazing

  • XLPE joints, terminations, & Gas Insulated Terminations

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The Miller team can deliver cable projects in any capacity from EPC to single service. We are trained and certified by the manufacturers on the installation procedures. Our technicians, and managers, have the knowledge and expertise to complete assessments of existing manholes, cables, joints, and equipment conditions to provide you with an assessment and recommendations.

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